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Ho we are
"Healthcare Ernestine" is a private healthcare organization, which has been founded in 2005. We distinguish ourselves from other home care organizations by organizing small scale care for our clients. We prefer co-operation with the family, friends and other supporters. In such a way, the care remains clearly structured for all participants and our client has the best chance to find a personal way in her or his new situation.
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The client's choise

Healthcare Ernestine BV believes we are living in a time, in which a client should indicate the choice to be supported by a man or by a women. There may be religious motives why a woman does not want to be supported by a man. Healthcare Ernestine BV will offer this choice with all services to all clients, and in the course of which our quality rules of Healthcare Ernestine will be observed. See appendix Contract.

The international branch

The personal of the international branch of the service is well educated in the English language, writing as well as speaking. There will also be a contract with the quality conditions of the international Healthcare Ernestine BV.

Care concerns

Besides we offer the client high educated personal.
As leading, Healthcare Ernestine works only with the VIG supporters if the care concerns short care-period. In order to support this care, an A-nurse supervisions the care for the client. In this case we do not commit level 3 and 4 supporters in order to prevent unnecessary grief for our clients.

Special care

For people after a hospital survey or for people who have to deal with the primary stage of an illness or for people who become more ill or cannot improve health, we want to assure our care to them by offering personal with a lot of experience. In such a manner all cases concerning the illness can be watched more closely. In these cases we put in our highest qualified personal for the short-care-periods in order to stand by our client as well as possible during the loss of the independence of their personal care.

Extensive care

For the long-care-periods, longer than 1 hour, we will co-operate with level 3 and 4 supporters besides VIG-supporters and nurses. For those care-hours an extensive care-plan exists and there is more time at ones disposal in order to evaluate the situation of the client from day to day. This will be done in co-operations with superiors.

Alle rechten voorbehouden | All rights reserved © Healthcare Ernestine / Thuiszorg Ernestine  | Webservice EBS Media