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"Healthcare Ernestine" is a private healthcare organization, which has been founded in 2005. We distinguish ourselves from other home care organizations by organizing small scale care for our clients. We prefer co-operation with the family, friends and other supporters. In such a way, the care remains clearly structured for all participants and our client has the best chance to find a personal way in her or his new situation.
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Below follows by tariff code the planned and offered care with belonging
personnel to it.

 Name                     Discription

                    Personal care special. This care is for a somatic-, psycho-                     geriatric of psychiatric affection or disability. For this care                     nurses + VIG-supporters will be committed
                    We charge an hour tariff off € 62,00.

          Specialized nurse. This care for clients with a somatic- or a           psycho-geriatric affection or disability. Fot this care there
          will be nurses.
          We charge an hour tariff of € 70,57.

                              Learning how to handle the consequenses of a somatic-,                               psycho- geriatric or psychiatric affection or disability or a                               mental, physical or sensory disability. For this care will                               co-operate with each other: SPW and SPH + B-nurses in a                               team.
                              We charge an hour tariff of € 50,00.

BGJ(I) VG base +        Accompaniment by applying and training learned skills and  
Module client-            behavior of a Multi-problem-family of children/young ones
Feature                    with a mental disability witch involves a psychiatric disorder
                              and with moderate or heavy problem-benavior. For this care
                              qill co-operate SPW + SPH + B-murses + A-nurses in a                               team.
 We charge an hour tariff of € 89,00.  

 Exercise and methodological interventions focused on dealing  with the consequences of a severe sensory and/or a  communication disorder. For this care SPW + SPH will co-  operate. We charge an hour tariff of € 107,30.

 Accompaniment and support with the limitations at the level  of self regiment of daily live, self reliant coorking, self-reliant  living, for clients with a not inborn brain damage. This care will  be done by A-nurses + VIG with SPW/SPH background.
 We charge an hour tariff of € 74,00.

 Stimulating accompaniment: at a short term diminish a crisis  situation in order to prevent and avoid the home displacement  of the child by recovering within the family in order to prevent  the Multi-problem. This care will be done by SPW/SPH + A-  nurse + B-nurse.
 We charge an hour tariff of € 106,73.

Bodily care and supportive accompaniment                 
Specialized care/intensive accompaniment  

A BIG registered nurse  

Specialized nursing/terminal accompaniment and care  




BG ZG base +
Module cliënt- feature ZG

OB special 1
base + Module cliënt-feature NAH

AB special 2 base + Module cliënt- feature availability JLVG
€ 36,10 p.h.

€ 44,90 p.h.

€ 59,90 p.h.

€ 74,60 p.h.

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