Specialized child care

The team of Healthcare Ernestine can be committed to the accompaniment of children with a physical or mental disability.

We offer help with the attendance of your child, but we also focus on the development of activities and stimulation of the development and not to forget relaxation. If you yourself have an idea about the tasks where we might support you, do no hesitate to contact us and make a proposal to us what you have in mind.

Healthcare for children? Healthcare for families!

Healthcare Ernestine wants to commit to better healthcare for the family, hence for the parents and for the children. Types of care for the children, which parents cannot accomplish. From child nursing to relief of domestic duties, or even assistance with a day off with the whole family.

Under some circumstances the parents of ill children have to act almost as specialized nurses with the care of their ill child at home. Many parents want to give this support on their own, but that is not always easy. Or more precize: it is a bit of burden. Long days, many duties, emotional or physical heavy work. Besides, the parents have often other duties as parents for the other children of the family. But also the relation between parents is often heavily burdened. With the care of children the need for short lasting (supportive) (chronic) care stages may be present. Also there may be the need for care with frequently alternating intensity or care only on demand.

Healthcare Ernestine can contribute to care in many ways: from a specialized nurse for children, by taking care of an ill child, up to a handy help in domestic affairs or a reliable hospital attendant who takes over the worries for an evening. Or who may be at the background when you are a day off. In such a way the parents can regain strength or focus their attention on affairs which need full attention at the moment.

Care: depending on the weight of care and duties, which can be judged at the intake conversation, the employment may consist of a supporter for ill people, a generic nurse or a specialized nurse for children. Care consists of 1 or more duties during a day or week up to complete 24-hours care and also the attending duties will be discussed. After the intake consult follows a proposal voor care taking: the care plan.


Healthcare Ernestine has as its primary goal qualitative high standing care, with as a second goal affordable prices! A small organization with a great individual touch. How is that managable?