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"Healthcare Ernestine" is a private healthcare organization, which has been founded in 2005. We distinguish ourselves from other home care organizations by organizing small scale care for our clients. We prefer co-operation with the family, friends and other supporters. In such a way, the care remains clearly structured for all participants and our client has the best chance to find a personal way in her or his new situation.
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Healthcare Ernestine Vacancy

Private "Healthcare Ernestine" organization is growing. At present we are looking for nurses, carers and housekeepers. We also welcome volunteers who are willing to support and invite volunteers to contact us.

Private "Healthcare Ernestine" works with freelance contracts. (also zzp)

We are looking for enthusiastic nurses and carers with experience in attending to seniors. You are BIG–registrated, flexible, reliable and you are able to think and act methodical? Reinforce our team of "Healthcare Ernestine"!

Carers IG
With our clients there is always place for motivated qualified carers. Besides care and relief also nursing attendances will be applied. As an employee of "Healthcare Ernestine" you are you are multifunctional.

Healthcare Ernestine
P.O. box 1553
3500 BN Utrecht
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